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Nationwide Review of Seniors’ Creative Activity in Skwierzyna opened by Minister Rafalska


Minister Rafalska opened 1st Nationwide Review of Seniors’ Creative Activity in Skwierzyna.


Minimum wage goes up


In accordance with the government's proposal, the minimum wage for 2019 may amount to PLN 2220. It is 5.7%, and PLN 120, more than today. From January the minimum hourly rate for those working based on specific civil law contracts is to increase from PLN 13.70 to PLN 14.50. The government presented this proposal to the Social Dialogue Council for negotiation.


Changes in the enforcement of alimony


The electronic flow of information on alimony debtors between services and institutions and court enforcement officers, as well as sanctions for illegal employment and professional activation of alimony debtors – these and other amendments are included in the draft law amending certain other laws in order to improve the efficiency of alimony enforcement.


Investment in children’s education


Minister Elżbieta Rafalska said during the press briefing at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister that the Good Start programme was created because investment in education of Polish children is extremely important.


"Good Start" applications to be submitted from July


"Good Start" is a PLN 300 benefit paid once a year to all students. It is an investment in the education of Polish children. This aid measure may reach more than 4.6 million students. Applications can be submitted as of 1 July.


Poland’s unemployment rate at 6.1% in May


Unemployment rate amounted to 6.1% in May 2018.


Children’s Day at the Chancellery of the Prime Minister


This year’s edition of Children’s Day Picnic was held under the slogan „Kto Ty jesteś? Polak mały!” (Who are you? A little Pole!).


Eurostat: Poland’s unemployment rate at 3.8%


In Poland, according to the estimates by the Eurostat, unemployment rate was 3.8% in April 2018.


"Good Start" for students


PLN 300 – this is the amount of the "Good Start" benefit for every child in education. The government has established a programme under which families, regardless of their income, will receive PLN 300 once a year for every child attending school. The benefit will go to families this year for the first time. A total of 4.6 million students will be eligible.


Financial support for the disabled


The persons disabled from birth or early childhood – being the ones currently protesting in the Seym of the Republic of Poland – and their caregivers (regardless of their financial condition, since no means test applies in their case), receive a monthly support of at least PLN 3 thousand.

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