Financial support for the disabled


The persons disabled from birth or early childhood – being the ones currently protesting in the Seym of the Republic of Poland – and their caregivers (regardless of their financial condition, since no means test applies in their case), receive a monthly support of at least PLN 3 thousand.


This amount includes:

- net PLN 1477 – care allowance for the caregiver,

- net PLN 878.12 – social pension increased since June this year (gross PLN 1029.80) for the disabled person,

-  net PLN 153 – care benefit to be increased by PLN 62 in the next year and will amount to PLN 215 (for the disabled person)

- PLN 539 – retirement, pension and health insurance contributions paid from the State Budget.


This amount accounts for at least PLN 3047.12 of the financial support provided in cash, transfer on the retirement and pension account to the Social Insurance Institution and to the Health Insurance Fund.


In addition, when the family income does not exceed PLN 764 per capita, such family can receive the family allowance (PLN 135) and disabled child rehabilitation allowance (PLN 110) until the child is below 24 years of age.


Apart from that, when one of the parents fails to pay the awarded aliments, the disabled person (regardless of age) can receive the benefit from the aliment fund up to PLN 500 a month (average amount of benefit is approx. PLN 400), provided that the family income does not exceed PLN 725 per capita.


At the same time, in effect of adopting the Act of special rights in access to healthcare services, pharmaceutical services and medical devices for persons with severe disability, the disabled persons were granted with the right to benefits of an estimated value of PLN 520 a month.


Total support for disabled person and its caregiver

The total direct support for disabled person and its caregiver from the State Budget (without the in-kind support of approx. PLN 520) falls within the range between PLN 3047 (care allowance and contributions, social pension and care benefit) and approx. PLN 3692 (additional family allowances and allowances from the aliment fund).

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