One premium – one transfer – one account


Today, the Council of Ministers adopted a draft amendment to the Act on social insurance and the Labour Code. Thanks to this, the transfer of contributions to the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) will be simplified.


How it is now

Now, the ZUS receives four transfers: for social and health insurance, and for the Labour Fund and the Employee Benefits Guarantee Fund. For identification purposes, payer of premiums is required to provide a numerical identifier (NIP, REGON, PESEL, ID number) and data on the period for which the premium is paid (month, year, number of the settlement declaration).


How it will be after the changes

All payments which the ZUS is entitled to will be made by one transfer, to one individual payer's account. The new account number will be given by the ZUS and become the new payer's ID.


Who will benefit from it

Premium payers will benefit – thanks to financial savings for entrepreneurs, shorter time of making payments and simplified procedures. This solution will also uniform and simplify the organisational and procedural aspects of establishing interest, liabilities and issuing certificates by the ZUS.


When the changes come into effect

The project imposes an obligation to generate account numbers by the end of 2017 and it will be possible to make payments to the uniform account since 1 January 2018.

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