Earlier retirement from October 2017


On 19 December 2016, President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, signed an act lowering the retirement age. As of 1 October 2017, women in the age of 60 and men who reach 65 will be able to retire.


The basic premise of the act is to leave the decision on retirement to the people concerned. They will individually assess their health condition, situation and position on the labour market and will take into account their plans for the length of rest after the end of professional activity. Information from the Polish Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) will notify them what retirement they can count on. Then, they will be able to decide whether they want to use their right to retirement at the age indicated in the act or whether they want to continue their work, moving their retirement in time.


“This is a good day for Polish pensioners.The signature of the President under the act lowering the retirement age ends the 4.5-year period of unjust and bad solutions.Now, Poles will be able to decide for themselves if they want to retire.This is a right, not an obligation,” Minister Elsie Rafalska said.


“The government has carefully assessed the social and economic consequences of this decision.The health condition of a significant part of Polish pensioners does not allow for employment until the age of 67, and the situation of people in this age on the labour market is not good,” Minister Rafalska justified the changes. “Social justice was complied with, because the mode of introducing the act which raised the retirement age, without social consent, did not deserve acceptance.”

Earlier retirement from October 2017 Earlier retirement from October... Earlier retirement from October 2017 Earlier retirement from October...
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