In 2017, the lowest pension will be PLN 1000


The government proposes that in March 2017, in the framework of indexation, all pensions from the social security system, from the social insurance of farmers, the retirement benefit of the so-called uniformed services, pre-retirement allowances and benefits, be raised by a rate of 100.73 per cent. The raise can be calculated by multiplying the current amount of pension by 1.0073. If, for instance, someone receives PLN 1500 of pension, after the indexation this person will receive PLN 1510.95.


The minimum guaranteed increase is PLN 10. It will cover all retirees and pensioners whose benefits do not exceed PLN 1369.86. About 2.1 million beneficiaries of the Health Insurance Fund (FUS) and almost all beneficiaries of the Agricultural Social Insurance Fund (KRUS; about 1.1 million out of 1.2 million of all beneficiaries) will benefit from the increase.


The amount of the lowest pension (for those who are entitled to it) will be raised from the current amount of PLN 882.56 to PLN 1000. The amount of social pension from PLN 741.35 to PLN 840 and due to partial inability to work from PLN 676.75 to PLN 750.

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