Wishes on Children's Day


Minister Elżbieta Rafalska sends best wishes on the occasion of Children's Day. See the film!


Since I remember, Children's Day has always been a special, very nice day for me. We were always waiting for gifts and sweets. That's how it was when I was a girl.


Today, I'm also looking forward to present my sons with something nice, but mainly my three grandchildren, who are amazing kids.


I wish all children deep, important friendships and a happy family. Happiness, health, luck. May you do well in your life – when you take the first step and when you pass high school finals.


Children's Day is also a time when we remember about children who are up against difficulties, who live in want, in poverty, who suffer from a disease, who have different problems. My duty as the Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy is to support these children and their families.


It is important for the state to remember that investment in children is the most important investment, investment in human capital. Children are truly – and this is not a slogan – the future of the nation. Our programme ‘Family 500 plus’ meets these expectations to some extent.

Happy Children's Day!

Elżbieta Rafalska

Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy

Wishes on Children's Day Wishes on Children's Day
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