Changes in the posting of workers


The Act on the posting of workers has been adopted by the Council of Ministers. Changes concern, inter alia, determination of the principles of employee protection and the cooperation of the National Labour Inspectorate with similar institutions in other countries.


The introduction of new regulations is related to the need to implement Directive 2014/67/EU by 18 June 2016. This Directive is to enable, in particular, the enforcement of minimum employment conditions in the Member State where the service is to be provided, while maintaining fair competition between service providers. In practice, it is to eliminate the circumvention of the applicable rules on the posting of workers, while respecting the rules of the internal market.


The draft defines the rules of:

- protection of workers posted to and from the territory of the Republic of Poland, 

- control of compliance with the provisions on the posting of workers,

- cooperation of the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) with the competent authorities of other Member States on the posting of workers,

- cross-border enforcement of financial administrative penalties or fines.


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