The end of the year with single-digit unemployment


In December 2015, the registered unemployment rate was 9.8 per cent. Such a good result at the end of the year has not been recorded since 2008.


Data of the Ministry indicates that at the end of 2015, 1,564.2 thousand people were registered in labour offices. The number of job vacancies and places of activation notified by employers to labour offices amounted to 77.6 thousand in December 2015. That is 22.7 thousand, or 41.4%, more than the number notified to the offices in December 2014.


The end of 2015 makes us feel optimistic. The situation on the labour market is improving and everything indicates that in 2016 the run of good luck will continue,” says Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


At the end of 2015, the lowest unemployment was recorded in the following voivodships: Wielkopolskie (6.2%), Śląskie (8.2%) and Małopolskie and Mazowieckie (8.4% each).


Compared to November last year, the unemployment rate increased from 9.6 to 9.8 per cent. What was the reason? First of all, the end of seasonal work and the return to the records after the conclusion of fixed-term contracts. In December 2014, unemployment was 11.4%.
Single-digit unemployment at the end of the year was last reported in December 2008, when it amounted to 9.5 per cent.


Throughout 2015, the number of unemployed decreased by 261 thousand people (14.3%). In December 2015, the unemployment rate was lower than at the end of 2014 by 1.6 percentage points.


Throughout 2015, employers notified 1,278.0 thousand job vacancies and places of activation to labour offices, i.e. 183.1 thousand (16.7%) more than in 2014 (1,094.9 thousand).

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