Single-digit unemployment rate maintained


In November this year, the unemployment rate was 9.7%, as indicated by the estimates of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy. This is another month in which unemployment remains at a single-digit level.


9.7% – that is the unemployment rate registered in November. This means an increase of 0.1 percentage point compared to the previous month, however, compared to the same period last year, its level is 1.7 points lower (it was 11.4%, then).


“Actions aimed at improvement on the labour market must be multifaceted. Increase in unemployment in November is a constant trend observed for years in autumn and winter. However, we are counting on the single-digit unemployment rate to continue in the coming months,” said Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


At the end of November this year, 1,532.7 thousand people were registered in the labour offices – according to the estimates of the Ministry.


Increase in unemployment rate in November this year was recorded in 12 voivodships. In 4 voivodships: Dolnośląskie, Mazowieckie, Śląskie and Wielkopolskie, the unemployment rate has not changed. The lowest unemployment rate is recorded in Wielkopolska (6.1%), in Śląsk (8.1%) and in Małopolska (8.3%).


In November this year, employers put in 87.4 thousand offers of employment and activation to labour offices. 

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