mLFC – Modern service for a large family


Since 2018, the Large Family Card has been more attractive. It has been adapted to the latest digital technology solutions, that is the introduction of the Large Family Card in the form of an application on mobile devices. The plastic carrier will remain in circulation as well. It will be possible to use both forms of the Card alternatively.


Making the Large Family Card more attractive, adapting it to the latest digital technology solutions, extending knowledge about discounts offered by the entities participating in the programme and encouraging new companies to join this initiative for large families – for these reasons the Large Family Card (LFC) was introduced in the form of a visualisation of this document on mobile devices with the new year.


This involves the creation of an IT solution which enables LFC holders to easily and quickly find discounts and information about new Large Family Card Partners, Partners' offers, as well as other information related to the Card.

These changes are the result of a package of changes for families adopted in July 2017 by the parliament.


“Modern Large Family Card in the form of an application for mobile devices has been created for convenience of Polish families.Thanks to the latest technologies, the use of the Card becomes much simpler.Access to a wide range of reductions and discounts, as well as information about them is at your fingertips.This is a great convenience for families 3+,” says Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


Faster and easier

Thanks to the application, the use of the Large Family Card is possible in up to 24 hours after it is granted by the commune head, district head or city mayor, without the need to wait for the plastic carrier to be printed. The plastic card will remain in circulation. The application will allow searching for interesting discounts more quickly and easily, and will inform about new offers.



What form of Card should you use?

Large Family Card holders can use both forms alternatively. While applying for the LFC, it is possible to choose the Card in a traditional and electronic form or only one of them. However, you should remember that choosing the latter form of the Card at a later date (as part of next application) will involve a fee of PLN 9.21 – the exception is a situation in which a member of a large family applied for a traditional (i.e. plastic) Large Family Card until 31 December 2017, and submitted the application for an additional form of the Card in electronic form by 31 December 2019.


Note! People holding the Large Family Card so far will also be able to use the Card in electronic form. However, this requires them to submit an appropriate application.


Data for logging in

The new regulations, which came into force at the beginning of this year, make the granting of access to the application which enables visualisation of the Large Family Card dependent on meeting the requirement to provide a telephone number and e-mail address. Reason? This data is necessary to set up an account and activate it, enabling visualisation of the Card on a mobile device. In addition, this data will be necessary to unlock the account if the user forgets the password.


Chang in the validity of the Card

Pursuant to the regulations in force until the end of 2018, the Large Family Card for a child studying in a higher education institution will be granted until the end of the academic year in which the education is planned to be completed. Since the beginning of 2019, the Card will be valid until 30 September, when the completion of studies is planned.


This seemingly cosmetic change is not accidental. The end of the academic year is the date specified in the regulations of a given university – in most cases it is 30 September. However, the commune head/district head/city mayor is obliged to check every time when the academic year ends at a given university.


Extension of the circle of persons entitled to the Card

Due to the amendment of the existing regulations, all parents who have ever had at least three children to provide for will gain the right to the Large Family Card. This new solution will start to apply from the beginning of 2019.


Change for foreigners

Since 1 January 2018, the circle of foreigners who have the right to the Card will be extended by foreigners who have a temporary residence permit granted for the purpose of family reunification (subject to meeting the conditions set out in the Act on foreigners).


Maintaining and proper functioning of the application

The Large Family Card mobile application has been prepared by the Polish Security Printing Works (PWPW) on the order of the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy and is its original IT solution. The PWPW, as a supplier of high quality IT solutions, made sure that the application meets the highest security standards, such as protection of user data by means of secure communication protocols, certificates and encryption.


A few words about the Large Family Card

The Large Family Card is a system of discounts and additional rights for families 3+ in both public institutions and private companies. Its holders have the opportunity to use the offer of cultural institutions, recreation centres or bookshops all over the country cheaper. So the possession of the Card makes it easier for large families to access recreation and reduces the costs of everyday life.


In practice, the Large Family Card provides discounts when buying food and cosmetics, clothing and footwear, books, toys and fuel. It also reduces the costs of bills for telecommunications or banking services. It allows cheaper train rides and public transport in selected cities. The Large Family Card is a relief for the home budget of large families.


Each company and institution can join the programme, regardless of size, sector or range of activity. Partners include both nationwide networks, and small local entrepreneurs. So far, almost 1.9 million Cards have been issued for 417 thousand large families. Over 3.3 thousand companies and institutions offer discounts in more than 14 thousand locations.


mLFC – Modern service for a large family mLFC – Modern service for a large...
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