Grzegorz Palka Award


At Grzegorz Palka Award ceremony on October 22nd Minister Rafalska was acknowledged for her outstanding contributions for local government. The Award is granted by Liga Krajowa.


Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy Elzbieta Rafalska together with local governments was awarded for implementation of Family 500+ programme.


“Primarily we consider this award to be for a very good implementation of the 500+ programme. Undoubtedly the introduction of the programme was made by Minstry of Family, Labour and Social Policy, but without local governments our actions would not have brought such great success. This is a great success for both sides,” said Deputy Minister Stanislaw Szwed who accepted the award on behalf of Minister Rafalska.


Grzegorz Palka Award has been granted since 1997 in three categories: nationwide, national dimension of local governments activity and supra-local importance of local governments activity.

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