Easier application for benefits for families


Submitting applications for 500+ support electronically is even easier. More banks joined the ones which have already enabled their clients to set up a trusted profile. Thanks to the trusted profile, you can apply for 500+ benefit and other forms of support without leaving home.


Since 1 August, you can apply for the child benefit from the government's programme “Family 500 plus” as well as family benefits and benefits from the maintenance fund for the new benefit period. One date from which you can apply for these forms of support has been introduced for the convenience of families.


More time for family


As a result, applicants can attend to all formalities at the same time, and spend time saved this way with their family.


Without leaving home


The application for child benefit of 500+ and other forms of support can be submitted in person or by mail. However, those who wish to apply for the benefits without leaving home may do this on the Internet. They have 4 channels to choose from, including: the ministerial portal Emp@tia (, electronic banking, PUE ZUS – Electronic Services Platform of the ZUS and the website


Helpful wizards


Emp@tiaportal provides user-friendly wizards to fill in applications for benefits. This makes the submission process very simple, intuitive. The wizard automatically suggests a large amount of data in the electronic forms and indicates the required attachments. As a result, the applicant fills in as little information as possible. This solution not only facilitates the process but also minimises errors, which in turn allows faster issuance of decisions on granting benefits.


Minimum formalities


The Ministry of Family is focusing on the so-called culture of statements of dealing with official matters on-line. In principle, the applicant does not attach any paper certificates. In order to submit an application, he or she does not need to gather documents beforehand and waste time to prepare them. This will allow taking care of matters without unnecessary obstacles. Where possible, the state will verify the facts based on data in the databases at its disposal.


Which benefits through Emp@tia?


Using the Emp@tia portal, you can apply for benefits such as:

-        child benefit of 500+ (for the old and new benefit period),

-        family allowance (for the new benefit period),

-        special carer's allowance (for the new benefit period),

-        assistance benefit,

-        assistance allowance,

-        parental benefit,

-        one-time allowance for the birth of a child,

-        one-time benefit from the “For Life” Programme,

-        benefits from the maintenance fund (for the new benefit period).


How to submit an application through Emp@tia?


In order to submit an application through Emp@tia, you must sign up for an account using a trusted profile or a qualified certificate. You will find out about the next steps here.


The Trusted Profile is a free tool which allows you to deal with your official matters electronically. In order to use the Trusted Profile, first you need to established and then confirm it.

While the Trusted Profile is always created on-line, its confirmation can take place in two ways: either on the Internet via electronic banking or in person at the Confirmation Point.


What is important, the Trusted Profile can be created and confirmed on the Internet, using electronic banking.


In practice, you need to fill in a form for setting up a Trusted Profile in the electronic banking system, and then confirm this operation with a bank authorisation code. Then, you receive a confirmation to your e-mail address that an account has been established.


Trust Profile available in more banks


So far, PKO BP, Bank Pekao, Envelo, ING, Inteligo and Millenium have been offering the establishment and confirmation of the Trusted Profile via electronic banking. Now, mBank and BZWBK also joined this group.



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