Award for the Polish Government for the “Family 500 plus” programme


On 12 August, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy, Elżbieta Rafalska, accepted the Award of the European Large Family Confederation (ELFAC) on behalf of the Polish Government in recognition of outstanding achievements in pro-family policy, in particular for the implementation of the “Family 500 plus” programme. The award ceremony took place during the 8th European Large Families Conference in Riga.


Minister Rafalska accepting the award presented the main actions undertaken in Poland in the framework of family policy, emphasising that in the context of one of the most serious challenges – ageing society – it is crucial to take particular care of families rising children.


“Polish government has taken a fundamental turn in social policy by introducing the ‘Family 500 plus’ programme – financial support for families in parenting and creating conditions to encourage decisions on parenthood,” the Minister noted.

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