Family as the main theme of exposé of Prime Minister Beata Szydło


Larger family support, PLN 500 for second and subsequent child, and in the case of the poorest ones – also for the first child, lowering the retirement age – these are the main themes of exposé made by Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, in the Sejm.


“The government's programme can be summarised in one sentence: firstly, development, secondly, development, thirdly, development. The idea is for as many Poles as possible to be able to benefit from its fruits,” stated Prime Minister Beata Szydło in her first words.


She mentioned the Family 500+ project among the priorities of the government. The poorest families will receive support already for the first child, others for second and subsequent child. “Children are not a cost, they are an investment,” said Prime Minister Szydło.


Another significant change will be lower retirement age – for women, it will be 60 years of age and for men 65. “The debate on the pension system lies ahead. The decision depends on the citizens,” said Prime Minister Szydło.


The proposals also included determination of the minimum hourly wage at PLN 12, construction of affordable housing, development of childcare networks and raising pensions.


“The government will support Polish families, hence the change of name to the Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Policy,” added Prime Minister Szydło.

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