Hungarian family policy as the point of reference


Between 7 and 9 November, Minister Elżbieta Rafalska went on a visit to Budapest. She met with Zoltán Balog, Minister of Human Resources of Hungary. She also spoke with Katalin Novák, Secretary for Family and Youth Affairs in the Ministry of Human Resources of Hungary, on cooperation between the two countries within the European Union.


The Minister attended the conference “Hungarian and Polish family policy.” “It is safe to say that for me, the Hungarian family policy is a kind of point of reference,” the Minister said after the conference held in the Hungarian Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade.


According to the Minister, it is worth considering, e.g., Hungarian solutions related to nursery care, such as the provision under which local government will be required to provide nursery care, if at least five parents request it, which enters into force on 1 January 2017.


Minister Rafalska also visited the “Home” Parent Centre and met with representatives of Hungarian families. She also visited one of the day nurseries in Budapest.

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