The government eliminates the so-called first day employment syndrome


The obligation to confirm essential arrangements to an employee in writing related to the conclusion of the employment contract before admission to work, i.e. the elimination of the so-called first day employment syndrome, is introduced by a draft amendment to the Labour Code adopted today by the Council of Ministers. It also assumes the need to familiarise an employee with the work regulations before admission to work.


“These changes are important to employees. It is time to regulate the situation of employees on the labour market and take a robust fight against irregularities. The amendments proposed by the Ministry give employees greater stability, safety and comfort of work. This is a guarantee of legal employment already from the first day of work and the strengthening of employees' rights,” said Elżbieta Rafalska, Minister of Family, Labour and Social Policy.


Due to the amendment to the Labour Code, already on the first day of work, every employee will have a written contract or its conditions confirmed in writing, which will be unambiguous for employment control services.

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